H3RO’s 2013 Released Featuring some heavy SC Hitter’s like Ben G, RyattFienix, and PrimeTime!

  1. SuperH3RO (feat. Nelly Marshall) [Prod. TellingBeatzz] H3RO 3:57
  2. Powered Up [Prod. Majestic Drama] H3RO 3:49
  3. Leaping Tall Buildings (feat. Megan Miller) [Prod. The Boss Music] H3RO 4:45
  4. Bigger Than Life [Prod. The Boss Music] H3RO 3:42
  5. Shedding Light (feat. PrimeTime and Pleam) [Prod. Ear To Tha Beat] H3RO 4:00
  6. The Cure [Prod. Marvillous Beats] H3RO 4:26
  7. Signal In The Sky [Prod. Supah Mario] H3RO 4:59
  8. Liberty And JustUs For All [Prod. Ayodlo] H3RO 4:27
  9. What Happened ! (feat. RyattFienix) [Prod. Jordan Metro] H3RO 4:35
  10. Jealousy Is Lovely (feat. Lite Gray) [Prod. Uzi] H3RO 5:18
  11. WWIII (feat. Lite Gray) [Prod. Beatconector] H3RO 4:24
  12. I'll Save You (feat. Lite Gray) [Prod. SuperStar O] H3RO 4:20
  13. Lost For Words (feat. Jonathan boatwright of Aliens Among Us) [Prod. Sean Original] H3RO 4:03
  14. Still I Rise (feat. Thi Lam) [Prod. Uzi and Thi Lam] H3RO 3:01
  15. Nightwing [Prod. Supah Mario] H3RO 3:36
  16. I Don't Care (feat. Ben G) [Prod. Maxcy P. Beats] H3RO 3:14
  17. I Don't Really Love Her (feat. Johnson) [Prod. Ayodlo] H3RO 4:32